Ariel Bath Bathtubs

Ariel Bath bathtubs are accessible and lovely. With elegant whirlpool tubs and ADA compliant walk in baths, Ariel offers comfortable designs with state-of-the-art features like soothing body sprays and adjustable whirlpool jets. Improve Depot is proud to carry such an elegant brand that considers every one of their tubs to be a private bath sanctuary.

Whirlpool tubs from Ariel Bath come in a staggering selection of stunning styles, including classic rounded and rectangular models as well as modern tubs with clear side panels and corner installation designs. Ariel Bath's walk in bathtubs offer the same commitment to comfort as the whirlpool models, but have an additional focus on accessibility. These impressive features include built in seats, grab bars, textured bottoms and much more that make these safe, comfortable bathtubs for anybody's use.

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