Established in 1987, Fantech is one of the predominate manufacturers of fans and air ventilation technologies in the United States. For decades, the company has made fan ventilation products for home and commercial use, earning Fantech fans a strong reputation for creating better indoor air circulation and air quality among professionals and homeowners alike. Fantech makes ventilation systems geared for a wide range of applications, from creating climates for specific rooms to whole house exhaust fan ventilation systems.

The Fantech exhaust fan product line consists of inline ventilation fans, kitchen exhaust fans, full exhaust systems, through the wall fans, air-purifier filters, grilles, controls, ducts dampers and adaptors, and more. These products can be used for creating a healthy environment in residential locations, including bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or even the entire house.

They're also pioneering the way with their line of Fantech energy and heat recovery ventilators. These products serve a dual purpose; they help improve indoor air quality while reusing exhausted air, energy, and heat to treat incoming air. This decreases the load on heaters and air conditioners.

Commercial applications for Fantech products include inline fans, roof ventilation, or wall mounted fans, exhaust systems, dampers, and more for heavy-duty use in restaurants, office buildings, and other commercial buildings. Fantech range hoods, for instance, can ventilate a wide range of kitchen spaces, making them safer and more comfortable.

Fantech Authorized Distributor

Improve Depot is proud to be an officially licensed distributor for Fantech ventilation systems, fans, and accessories. We offer hundreds of choices to help you improve your indoor air quality for many years to come.

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