Toshiba Light Bulbs

At Improve Depot you can find a great choice of Toshiba LED light bulbs and select a suitable product. We offer a variety of color temperatures, lumen outputs and distributions. With so many available options you can get the perfect light for the concrete application.

Toshiba has been a lighting manufacturing for 120 years and is well-known for quality products. After many years of decreasing sales, in 2010 Toshiba diminished production of the incandescent bulbs, which became illegal in many countries. Since then the corporation focusedmainly on eco-friendly LED lamps development and production, which appears to be the central point of its lighting business at present.

Toshiba products gained world popularity because they conform toecological concepts, save energy, provide great efficiency and economy and they are environmentally friendly. Toshiba bulbs generate less Infra-Red and heat and don?t contain mercury. They help to reduce electricity consumption by 80% and save money spent on bills. The manufacturer provides stronger lamps protected with a special acrylic layer and vibration resistancereducing the risk of breakage. Design range is presented by various sizes, shapes and forms.

Toshiba LED bulbs are a modernelegant lighting solution to improvethe atmosphere of any place. It?s ideal for commercial or domestic or use, down lights provide clear lighting conditions. Toshiba guarantees high colour constancy and the best possible look of the illuminated space.

Five year warranty on the lumen output given by Toshiba really marks the company out of competitors. Other LED light bulbs producers simply set initial output of lumen, they do not guarantee the lumen output won?t decrease. Being totally sure of its LED bulbs to keep its lumen output Toshibaprovides the warranty.Another big advantage compared to other companies is that Toshiba's bulbs are dimmable.

Unlike various LED light bulbs makers Toshiba products are created to be easy replacements for current halogen and incandescent bulbs without replacing any of hardware or rewiring.

LED light used to be incredibly bright, whichgenerally didn?t fit home lighting. Toshiba solved that problem, and now customers can receive original light tints easier on the eyes ? cool, warm, white and bluish.

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