Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Improve Depot presents a line of innovative high-quality garage door openers by Genie, a very reliable brand. Genie is one of the world?s leading manufacturers, an American well known and trusted brand name.

We stock a line of garage door openers that are easy to install, giving new life to any old garage door. In our online store we offer to our consumers numerous keyless door systems, various garage door kits, door emergency release kits and other products that will find application in this sphere.

The keyless entry systems by Genie we stock at Improve Depot are universal, they work with any brand on the market. The systems feature a hard-wired easy installation and possess everything one might need for the majority of residential garage installs.

Garage door emergency release kits are in high demand with our clients and will help in the cases of unexpected power outages as they allow a manual opening of the garage door. These emergency release kits are universal as well, being compatible with any brand of garage door opener.

The kit works using a key operation that will unlock garage door from outside. The kits are of really high quality and once bought will serve life long providing urgent help in emergency.

Genie manufacturer provides a one year warranty for its products, providing customers with a long reliable use. Improve Depot?s online store adds to the attractiveness of the Genie products by providing the lowest affordable prices and free shipping of the items we stock.

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