LED technology has introduced superb quality and energy-efficient lighting products subsequently taking over the world of lighting. The manufacturers of light bulbs responded to this innovation immediately, and Toshiba was among the first to have done that. On the modern market today, Toshiba?s LED products are acknowledged for the highest quality bulbs, luminaires, and lighting industry components.

With their prime focus on solid-state lighting, this company delivers a wide selection of advanced, energy saving LEDs to offer the optimal solution for efficient lighting. Most of their LED light bulbs are designed to replace existing incandescent lamps and poor light performance. Due to Toshiba?s developed electronic and semiconductor technologies, their products have quickly joined the lighting solution leader?s row. This company?s LED light bulbs are mercury free and offer low CO2 emissions compared to other current lighting solutions.

With over 125 years experience, Toshiba has become a competitive and innovation-seeking manufacturer of lighting products to offer premium quality, eco-friendly LED solutions. Their light bulbs come in a variety of shapes, bases, and outputs. Moreover, in addition to energy efficiency, Toshiba LED light bulbs also have a lasting lifetime, dimmable function, instant light emissions and robust constructions.

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