About Us

ImproveDepot.com is a home improvement wholesale company that offers a wide range of products. Everything from Pool & Spa supplies, Skylight, Sun Tunnels, Smoke Alarms, Combo alarms and other fire safety products. We started business in Los Angeles California back in 2015. Since then we have grown to understand what people are doing right and what people are doing wrong. Although we are not perfect, we strive to make sure we limit the mistakes we make by consistently researching and evolving as the market evolves. We are here to provide a wholesale solution to installers, contractors and more. We also offer re-sale services to qualified companies to insure that the product we offer is always held up to the best service possible. We know it's tough for the installers and contractors to get good pricing and flexibility. We also know its tough to get that dedicated service, that's why we are here. We dedicate sales reps per account to insure that your needs are met. ImproveDepot.com is here to make life easier for everyone and to have one trusted source to do business with.