3M Filtrete PR012-05-6 Air Filter - Pro Series Advanced Allergen MERV 12 (2200 MPR) - 14"x20"x1" (EA05DC)

by 3M Filtrete


About The 3M Filtrete Air Filter - Pro Series MERV 12 - 14"x20"x1"

3M Filtrete Air Filter Utilizes Electrostatic To Provide Premium Air Quality!

Harmful contaminants like dust, pollen, and other harmful contaminants can enter your home and pollute the air when you run your furnace or air conditioning.  3M Filtrete Air Filters provides cleaner air within your home reducing the level of harmful pathogens within your home.  3M Filtrete Air Filters use positive and negatively charged fibers to attract particles like a magnet, this is a very affective technique because particles in the air also feature electro static charge.  The electrostatic charge in the 3M Filtrete Air Filters provides superior trapping ability allowing the filter to capture more particles than washable fabric or woven fiberglass filters.

Cleaner Air

Polluted air within your home is a leading cause of illnesses like the flu, colds, and other airborne viruses or diseases.  The 3M Filtrete Air Filters can greatly reduce your risk of such illnesses if properly maintained.  The 3M Filtrete Air Filters are a great first line of defense against pathogens that can be harmful to your health, by greatly reducing the levels of these pathogens within your home.  If you live in areas where you experience arid or dry weather conditions you may need to change your air filters once every one to two months or possibly even more frequently based upon how many particulates are in the air.  By maintaining your air filters properly you will greatly reduce your operating costs and also extend the life of your HVAC system.

About 3M Filtrete Filters

3M Filtrete Air Filters are the industry standard for effective removal of invasive particles and air pollutants.  The removal of harmful particles from your air within the home helps to prevent pathogens from spreading, reducing the chance of illness and congestion.  3M Filtrete Filters also reduce the allergen levels, keeping allergies to a minimum during heavy allergy seasons.  It is suggested that you replace your air filters one every three months or as needed.

What is a MERV 12 Rating?

MERV Ratings depict the strength and effectiveness of you air filter each time air passes. A MERV 12 Rated filter is highly effective and one of the industry standard for most public and commercial buildings. A MERV 12 Rated air filter will remove dust, debris, smog particles due to auto-emissions, some bacteria particles, cooking particles, smoke dust, powders and milled flour successfully from the air column without stressing your HVAC system.


  • Electrostatic charge is the most effective way to trap airborne particles
  • Advanced design protects your furnace and HVAC equipment while also remove pathogens
  • Allows more air to penetrate the filter, reducing stress and back pressure on your system
  • MERV 12 Rating removes pet dander, dust, dust mite debris, hair spray, skin cells, fabric protection, and other fine elements
  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing quality behind the design


  • Filter Rating: Pro Series MERV 12 - 14"x20"x1"
  • Lifespan: Up to 3 months
  • For Residential Use Only
  • Quantity in Package: 1 Filter

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