Aprilaire 2120 Intermediate Air Filter (Used In Heating & AC)

by Aprilaire
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The high-density filter unit is attached to your heating or cooling system, where it captures pollutants from conditioned air before it is distributed to the rooms of your home. 99% efficient at removing particles 1/100th the thickness of a human hair (1 micron) on a single pass. The Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner is silent and low maintenance. It utilizes a simple, remarkably effective HEPA-type filtering media that actually improves its particulate-capturing capability the longer it is used. For particles larger than five microns, efficiency reaches 99%.Included in the Aprilaire 2120 Box:• Aprilaire 2120 Case• Media Filter• Installation Manual• Owner's ManualAdditional Information:


  • Convenience: less dusting, less dirt means less work for you with the 25 square feet of filtering media
  • High capacity, disposable filter has a 6-12 month life, versus 4 to 12 times per year with a typical 1" furnace filter
  • Protects your expensive heating and cooling equipment by filtering dust and dirt build-up more effectively than your standard furnace filter
  • With more than 30 times the efficiency of your average 1" furnace filter in capturing dust, dirt, pet hair and more, this is not your ''average" filter
  • Upgradable to 2200 Whole-Home Air Cleaner with Upgrade Kit 1213 (Sold Separately)


  • Recommended Maximum Airflow: 2000 cfm
  • Removal Efficiency MERV: 8 @ 1200 cfm
  • Recommended Service Life: 6 to 12 Months
  • Replacement Filter: Model: 102 (Sold Separately)
  • Dimensions:
  • Outlet Opening Height: 19.75"
  • Outer Housing Depth Without Door: 25.39"
  • Outlet Opening Width: 21.94"
  • Unit Width: 10.00"
  • Outer Housing Depth With Door: 26.88"
  • Inlet Opening Width: 21.19"
  • Inlet Opening Height: 19.75"
  • Unit Height: 22.06"


5 year warranty through the manufacturer

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