Aprilaire 30 Humidifier Filter, Genuine Media for Aprilaire Model 330

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About the Aprilaire 30 Water Panel Evaporator for Humidifier Model No. 330

Looking to replace your old Aprilaire water panel filter? Make sure you’re buying only Aprilaire certified parts for replacement, like the Aprilaire 30 Water Panel Evaporator for Humidifier Model No. 330. By changing your filter every six months to one year, you’re ensuring that the water released into your breathable air is pure and untainted.

If your water is drawn from a well or other underground source, you can’t afford not to replace the water filter in your humidifier regularly! Humidifiers can absorb and release harmful chemicals from within your water source, so take care to replace your filter often to avoid hazardous situations. Clean & Pure Humidity

Provide the best water for your humidifier with the Aprilaire 30 Water Panel Evaporator for Humidifier Model No. 330. Don’t get sick from water-based pathogens in the air! Breathe freely and deeply knowing that the water in your air is the cleanest water possible.

Proper Maintenance

The Aprilaire 30 Water Panel Evaporator should be replaced once a year with regular use and in cases of more frequent use the water panel may need to be replaced as frequently as every six months. Also, if you live in an area with a high percentage of hard water, you will see significant mineral deposits and may have to replace twice a year with normal use. The Aprilaire 30 Water Panel is very easy to change. Just remove the front cover of your humidifier, slide out the old water panel and replace it with your new Aprilaire water panel. By maintaining normal levels of humidity in your home, you can be promote a healthy respiratory environment for your family. You can also help prevent damage to your home caused by dry weather such as flaking and damage to interior molding, weatherstripping, and paint. When you keep you replace your water panel evaporator at regular intervals, you’ll make sure to get the most out of your Aprilaire humidifier.

Aprialire water panels are also referred to as humidifier pads, replacement humidifier filters, and water pads.

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