Aprilaire 8100 Energy Recovery Ventilator, 120V - 6" Duct

by Aprilaire
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About the Aprilaire 8100 120V Energy Recovery Ventilator for a 6" Duct

One of the most energy efficient, environmentally green ways to circulate fresh air into your home is with the Aprilaire 8100 120V Energy Recovery Ventilator for a 6" Duct. This top of the line ventilator exchanges your home’s stale, stuffy air with fresh air from outside, filtering it in the process so that you receive the highest quality air possible.

Operating year round, there’s no fear of polluting air because of this unit’s excellent EnergyMax transfer core. In the winter, this exclusive transfer core uses indoor air’s heat to warm the incoming fresh air. This method recovers almost 77% of the lost energy commonly associated with other ventilators. The best part is that the filtered air and the stale air never cross, giving you fresh air without the contamination of filtered particles.

Noise free and requiring little to no maintenance, the Aprilaire 8100 120V Energy Recovery Ventilator for a 6" Duct is perfect for families looking to have the cleanest breathable air possible, without harming their environment.


  • Installs as part of any central heating and cooling system
  • Provides a constant, controlled supply of fresh air to your home year round
  • Reduces excess indoor humidity levels
  • Reduces unhealthy indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radon, carbon dioxide, smoke, odors, dust, bacteria and viruses and more
  • Saves energy by effectively retaining and utilizing the energy value from your indoor air
  • Ventilates homes up to 3,600 sq. ft. in size


  • Unit Capacity: Handles up to 3,600 Square Foot Home
  • Free Air Flow: 150 CFM each air stream
  • Design Air Flow: 120 CFM @ 0.3" w.g. external duct resistance
  • Electrical Usage: 120VAC, 60 HZ, 1.4 AMPS
  • Apparent Sensible Effectiveness @ 120 CFM: 77%
  • Connecting Ducts: 6" Diameter, no special adapters required
  • Access Door: Door opens to provide access to filters, EnergyMax Transfer Core and blowers
  • Insulation: 1" foil-covered fiberglass ductboard (R=4.25)
  • EnergyMax Transfer Core: cross-flow treated media ad aluminum
  • No Condensation Drain or Defrost Cycle Needed: The exhaust airstream is partially dehumidified so that the exhaust air seldom reaches the dew point.
  • Filters: Two 10 13/16" x 11 5/16" x 3/32" EZ Kleen Air Filters for both exhaust and fresh streams.
  • UL Listed


5 years through the manufacturer.

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