Aprilaire 8826 Humidifier Part, System Controller for Automated HVAC Systems

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About the Aprilaire 8826 Humidifier Part, System Controller for Automated HVAC Systems

The Aprilaire 8826 system controller is for use with Aprilaire's Automated HVAC Sytem. This controller is required to allow the Aprilaire automated system to be controller remotely using a Computer, allowing you to make adjustments to your HVAC from anywhere in the world through the internet. Used in conjunction with Aprilaire Automated HVAC SystemProducts Needed for Automated HVAC SystemRequired 8027 Aprilaire 24V Transformer (1 per 8818 panel)• Required 8870 Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat• Required 8818 Aprilaire Distribution Panel• Optional 8061 Aprilaire Temperature Sensor and Control Module• Optional 8062 Aprilaire Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module• Optional 8051 Aprilaire Remote Flush Mount Temperature Sensor• Optional 8052 Aprilaire Remote Duct Mount/Outdoor Temp Sensor• Optional 8053 Surface Mount Temperature Sensor


  • Centralized control of up to 24 Aprilaire Model 8870 or 8800 thermostats/humidistats
  • Web-based interface works on all popular web-browsers
  • Requires no "programming", just click and go
  • Four Master Schedules plus Individual Schedules provide energy savings with flexibility
  • Holiday schedule and Vacation hold makes saving energy easy even while the building is unoccupied
  • Simplify HVAC monitoring with E-mail alerts for service reminders or when building temperatures or humidity exceed set limits


  • Replaces: Aprilaire 8825


5 years through the manufacturer

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