Bosch TLINK Tankless Water Heater Intelligent Link Cascading Kit (7709003962)

by Bosch
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With the Bosch TLINK, you can connect 24 Bosch C 1210 ESC, C 1210 ES, C 1050 ES, C 950 ES, 940ES, 940ESO, and 830ES whole house tankless hot water heaters together to provide double the volume of hot water from your tankless units. This is especially needed in larger houses with more than 2-3 bathrooms and a single whole house tankless water heater falls short. Based on the Gallons Per Hour rating on your tankless unit, you may need a second tankless unit to add the supplemental flow to reach your additional fixtures. The Bosch TLINK can be used to connect 2 tankless units in case you have a larger home, in multi-family housing, in motels, restaurants, etc.

* The Bosch TLINK is only the connecting system. Bosch Tankless Hot Water Heaters sold separately.


  • Part Number: 7709003962
  • For models C1210ES, C1210ESC, C1050ES, 940ES, 940ESO, 830ES


  • Components: 2 x Cascading cable

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