BRK ADK-12 Compatible Adapter Plug for Kidde Smoke Alarms - 12 Pack

by BRK
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About the BRK ADK-12 Compatible Adapter Plug for Smoke Alarms for Kidde Models - 12 Pack

The BRK ADK-12 is used to easily retrofit your new BRK smoke alarms to older KIdde / Fyrenetics / Lifesaver model alarms. Although the connections may be different, the BRK ADK-12 takes that into account, with correct socket connectors, thus eliminating your need to re-hardwire the units. The BRK ADK-12 is great for homeowners who do not have knowledge in electrical hardwiring.


  • Easily connect competitive alarms without rewiring
  • For use with Kidde smoke alarms
  • Perfect for retrofit applications


  • Sensor: Bi-metal
  • Package Type: Bag
  • Color: White

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