BRK FG250B Ionization Smoke Alarm, 9V Battery Powered w/ Silence

by BRK
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The BRK FG250B ionization smoke alarm is a great choice for a battery powered, smoke detection device in a mult-family home. The BRK FG250B smoke alarm is specifically designed for use in residential and institutional dwellings where hardwiring may be problematic or difficult. Compliant with UL217, CSFM, NFPA72, NFPA101 and other agencies. The FG250B comes equipped with a silence feature in the event of a false alarm. Should voltage drop below the sufficient level the horn will chirp approximately once per minute to indicate a fresh battery is needed.

Ionization smoke detectors are typically more effective at detecting flaming fires.

The FG250B smoke alarm includes a fully encased unit with insect screen to prevent insects from tampering with the ionization sensing chamber. Inside this unit is a 85db horn, a 9V battery power supply, a full function test switch, and a red led indicator light showing your detector is actively armed. The easy access battery compartment makes battery changing a snap, with the access door, you can change batteries without removing or un-mounting the unit. As the battery life fades, and the voltage level is below the required level, the alarm will chirp approximately one chirp per minute to indicate a new battery is needed. As a preventative, the battery door on the BRK FG250B will remain open unless a new battery is inserted.



  • • Battery Power Indicator • Dual Chamber Ionization Sensor with Insect Screens • Hinged Cover for Easy Battery Replacement and Installation • INCLUDES 9V Battery, Mounting Anchors, Screws, and Manual • Low Battery Warning "Chirp" • RV Approved for use in Recreational Vehicles • Tamper Resistant Locking Pin • Test/Silence Button


  • • 4.25” dia x 1.6”H • 4.8 oz. • 9V Battery Powered • 40F (4C) to 100F (38C) • 10% to 95% relative humidity (RH) • 85dB at 10 feet


10 year warranty through BRK Electronics

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