Broan Bathroom Fan, 80 CFM Single-Speed Energy Star Rated ULTRA PRO Series - for 4" Duct

by Broan

The Broan RB80 is a premium bathroom ventilation fan from the Ultra Pro series. This line of bath fans is known for its ability to effectively remove airborne pollutants and humidity from the restroom while running very quietly. In fact, this model boasts an operating sound level of <0.3 sones, which is impressive considering its 80 CFM ventilation capabilities. This unit is especially effective in spaces up to 75 square feet.

Intended for use with 4" ducts, this Broan bathroom fan offers a simple installation. Many of its components come pre-assembled or ready for snap-in mounting, which can reduce the time of this process by 60% in retrofit installations and by 20% in new constructions. Plus, no attic access is needed in retrofit jobs, cutting down on hassle and time. In addition to thorough bathroom ventilation, this model has many applications where continuous ventilation is needed. This can be for commercial spaces where building codes or green standards require constant or thorough ventilation.

Plus, the Ultra Pro series is incredibly energy efficient. All models are ENERGY STAR qualified, which means they meet the EPA's standards for protecting our environment through energy efficiency. Part of what makes this Broan bathroom fan so effective is that it uses innovative technology to prevent airflow loss and backdrafts, which can severely reduce the fan's efficiency.

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