Cooper Lighting DSRC-FMOIR Greengate Lighting Automation, Daylight Sensor - 24V

by Cooper Lighting
Sold out


The DSRC-FMOIR is an open loop daylight sensor that measures the natural light contribution in order to automatically adjust the lighting zones within the Room Controller. It is part of the Room Controller system and provides three easily distinguished light levels, Low (3-300 lux), High (30-3000 lux) and Direct Sun (300-30000 lux). The sensor range can be adjusted using the IR handheld programmer (HHPRG-RC).


  • Easily installed in suspended fixture or drop ceiling
  • Three light sensor ranges (3-300 lux, 30-3000 lux, 300-30000 lux)
  • Feedback LED
  • Mounting bracket for installation in light well or hard ceiling
  • IR receiver for handheld remotes


  • Parent Company: Eaton Corp.
  • Voltage Rating : 24 volt DC
  • Indicator : Green/Red LED
  • Connection : RJ45 Port
  • Temperature Rating : 0 - 40 deg C

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