Cooper Lighting SSF-ASY-4-B Metalux Ceiling Light Asymmetrical Reflector - For SSF Series - White

by Cooper Lighting
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Cooper Lighting Asymmetric reflector is designed with easy to use flip-up socket design and significantly reduces installation time. It features die-formed cold rolled steel channel construction to offer enhanced durability. It has optional reflectors in silver-lined reflector finish for corrosion resistance. It comes with flip-up socket for faster installation out of the box. It is suitable for cove or display case application.


  • Metalux


    • Parent Company: Eaton Corp.
    • Series : SSF
    • Type : Asymmetrical
    • Suitable For Use With : SSF Series Strip Light
    • Finish : White
    • Diameter : 3 Inch
    • Overall Depth : 4 ft

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