Danfoss 088L3176 2' x 20' Electric Floor Heating Mat (40 Sq.Ft.), 240V

by Danfoss
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About Danfoss XL Electric Floor Mats

The Danfoos XL Electric Floor Mat heating systems consist of Danfoss XL heating mats and cables, along with Danfoss thermostat controls. If you are looking for highly efficient heating sources, this is the option for you. Danfoss XL floor heating mats provide gentle warmth just where you need it. These systems are installed under your standard flooring to give a comfortable warming from your feet upward. The rising heat also gives a more even warmth that is targeted and regulated by the thermostat controls.

The Danfoss XL systems are installed under flooring and are best suitable for remodel or new construction homes. These mats are not suitable for installation on top of existing flooring.

Due to the efficiency in heating, these systems provide enough heat to serve as your sole heating source, eliminating you from furnace or forced heat configurations. In colder regions, a second heating source may be included to add extra warmth (only if needed).

Danfoss Floor Heating Systems were designed with the installer in mind, providing pre-applied heating cables, single point connections, SELF-ADHESIVE BACKING, quick installation and a genuine 10-year warranty. NOTE: Please Call Customer Service (877-939-7979) for CUSTOMIZATION Sizing BEFORE purchase. Cable can be pulled off mat; mat itself can be cut and easily modified to fit all areas AFTER purchase also. Additional Information :


  • Optimum Luxury and Comfort through the warmth of the Floor
  • Easily CUSTOMIZED Onsite for every need (Before & After Purchase)
  • Sticky SELF-ADHESIVE Bottom for Quick Installation
  • Simply Install the Ultra Thin Mat, less than 1/8", below the Surface within the Floor Compound
  • Intelligent Dual Voltage Thermostat ensures Accurate Temperature Control with Minimal Energy use
  • Industry's Best 10-year warranty, up to 5X Materials Cost for Product Repair/Replacement (Zero Devaluation over that Period)
  • UL Certificate of Compliance for Install under Wet Locations (i.e. Shower Tile Areas)


  • Square Footage: 40 Sq. Ft.
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 480W
  • Amperage: 2.0A
  • Mat Construction: Thermoplastic Polymer Coated Fiberglass
  • Cable Construction: Twin Conductor
  • Conductor Insulation: Teflon
  • Outer Sheath: PVDF 120C/248F


10 year warranty through the manufacturer

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