Ecobee EB-EMS-02 Thermostat, Full Color Touch Screen Energy Management System (Open Box Item)

by Ecobee
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About the Ecobee EB-EMS-02 Full Color Touch Screen Energy Management System

The Ecobee EB-EMS-02 Energy Management System is the perfect solution to maximize energy efficiency in your building while saving you time and money in the process. The Ecobee EB-EMS-02 delivers a solid solution that gives you full control over your energy savings, from anywhere, easily.

The simple to use interface of the Ecobee EB-EMS-02 allows business owners / managers to automate building operations dealing with indoor climate control. Login to the secure online web portal to remotely adjust settings, to set alerts and reminders, and to track your performance and savings. The Ecobee EB-EMS-02 is geared toward giving an easier way to save with less time required by you or your staff. If a problem occurs in your heating & cooling system, the Ecobee Management system will send alerts to user assigned individuals such as yourself, a contractor, or HVAC professional.

Control, monitor, and track your Ecobee EB-EMS-02 using the free available Mobile apps for the Iphone and Android, available through Ecobee

To get more out of your Ecobee EB-EMS-02 Energy Management System, you can install an optional sensor module (EB-RSM-01 – not included), adding sensor control to your unit for increased functionality and improved performance.

This unit operates on 24V and connects to 24V devices through an HVAC equipment control board. The 4 wires of the Ecobee unit connects to the 4 terminals in the HVAC control board. All 4 wires must be connected for the Ecobee unit to work properly. Do not try to connect the Ecobee to a 2 wire thermostat connection.

The Ecobee unit works with the HVAC control board to provide on / off signals to regulate operation of the connected devices, thus giving full control. The Ecobee unit manages up to 2 stages of heat and 2 stages of cold, or 3 stages of auxillary heat.  The Ecobee connects to the majority of household connections.

Additional Information: System Setup


  • Reduces energy consumption while providing optimum comfort
  • User-friendly interface is easy to use and understand
  • WIFI enabled: allows you to change your preferences anywhere using an internet connection and the secure online web portal
  • Manage your Ecobee from your mobile device using the available free Iphone and Android apps
  • Manage your building energy usage easily, sending electronic alerts to yourself or contractors
  • High Resolution, Full Color touch Screen LED control interface
  • View performance reports using the online web portal


  • Multiple units can work in the same building
  • Connects directly to your equipment interfcae using 4 connection wires
  • Expand your features and functions by installting the EB-RSM-01 remote sensor module (sold separately) - mounted within the equipment interface enclosure


3 year manufacturer warranty against defects

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