First Alert EL52-2 14 Ft. Emergency Escape Ladder - 2 Story

by First Alert
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About the First Alert EL52-214 Ft. Emergency Escape Ladder

In case of emergency on the second floor, the First Alert EL52-2 emergency escape ladder will offer you another means of escape if a house is on fire. This model is slim and compact so you can easily store the ladder under your bed, in a closet or next to a window. This allows for easy access and limits the time needed to obtain the ladder so you can exit the room faster during an emergency. The First Alert EL52-2 is great to have because it can save you from unwanted injuries if you are stuck on the second floor. This ladder offers you a safe method for escape.

You should store the First Alert EL52-2 emergency escape ladder where it can be easily accessed and make sure nothing is blocking the ladder so you can take action faster when you need it most. The ladder should also be stored in its original box to prevent it from becoming tangled.


Limited 6 year warranty through the manufacturer

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