First Alert SA520B Smoke Alarm, Wireless 120V Hardwired Interconnectable OneLink w/ Battery Backup

by First Alert
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About the First Alert SA520B 120V Hardwired Wireless Interconnectable Smoke Alarm

Looking to make an upgrade to your smoke alarms in your home? With the First Alert SA520B you can easily connect the alarm to a network of other smoke alarms wirelessly, saving you time and money because you only need one system to protect your property. This 120V AC system can replace any standard fire alarm.

When the First Alert SA520B is connected on a network the alarms communicate together so they provide you an earlier warning from potential danger. A single alarm works alone, while the First Alert SA520B works with a community of alarms and can be setup in minutes. This easy installation can save you money and keep you and your property safe. The First Alert SA520B can be connected with other compatible alarms and you can create your network as extensive as you need so it can be customized to fit any room design and shape. The white finish and quality design will last and protect you for many years to come.


  • Wireless-Enabled 120V Hardwired Smoke Alarm
  • Expand Existing Hardwired Alarm Systems Wirelessly
  • Ease of Wireless Connectivity
  • Cost Effective Versus Hardwiring


  • Detector Type: Smoke
  • Sensor Type: Photoelectric
  • Power Source: Hardwired AC Powered
  • Feature: One Link Wireless Interconnectivity
  • Interconnection: Up to 18 units with Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Heat Alarms and Relays


10 year warranty through the manufacturer

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