FORTIN EVO-CHR.T6 Fortin EVO-CHR.T6 Preloaded Module & T-Harness Combo (Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep 2013 & Up Tip-Start & Push-to-Start Vehicles)

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Preloaded module & harness; Simple installation; Compatible with EVO-ALL; Uses vehicle's factory remote; 3 onboard LEDs for simplified programming & diagnostics ; Preloaded firmware for maximum compatibility; Factory-fit T-harness; 2-way datalink port for RS-232 communication with compatible remote starters & security systems; 20-pin general-purpose plug; Self-learning algorithm; 3 CANbus & 3 general-purpose controllers; 1 each of SPDT & DPDT onboard relays; Analog controller; For Chrysler(R), Dodge(R) & Jeep(R) 2013 & up tip-start & push-to-start vehicles;

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