Halo 1419P Recessed Lighting Trim, 4" Low Voltage Pinhole Baffle Trim - White with Black Baffle

by Halo


The Halo 1419P 4" Low Voltage Pinhole Baffle Trim is perfect for homes that want to utilize the powerful qualities of accent lighting, without adding extra costs to their energy bill. The structure of this fixture maintains and focuses light into a narrow beam, allowing you to perfectly illuminate the features of your living spaces. The baffle trim of the Halo 1419P helps to both reflect and harness light into a single, powerful accented beam that can be used to display all of the unique and beautiful aspects of your home.

Popular for retrofitting and do it yourself projects, this fixture offers a convenient way to install and operate your new accent lighting solution. Three special springs, often called “cat paws,” secure the trim to the housing, while the die cast ring of the baffle trim encloses the lamp.

Finally, the unique pinhole design of the Halo 1419P helps to direct the light from inside this fixture and concentrate it on a sole point in the room. This means no more wasted light that costs you more per month to use; now, you get all of your accent lighting in one place.

For use with 4" Low Voltage Recessed Housings: H1499RTH1499ICTH1499TH1499T75


  • Die cast trim ring with metal baffle
  • For concentrated accent lighting


  • Fits Housings: H1499T, H1499RT, H1499ICT, H1499T75
  • Lamp Type: 50W MR16, 75W MR16
  • Opening Diameter: 5 1/16"
  • Listing: UL


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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