Halo 1421MB Recessed Lighting Trim, 4" Reflector Cone - White

by Halo


1421MB specular reflector cone with a 35 tilt has a white trim ring and a black specular reflector. Trim ring also available in silver, satin, copper metallic and bronze metallic finishes. Reflector also available in clear specular, gold metallic, gold metallic, black, clear haze, satin, copper metallic and bronze metallic. For use with MR16, 50W, 12V lamps. 1421 is designed for use with the following small aperture housings: H1499T, H1499RT, H1499ICT and H1499T75. Aperture 4.5, od 5.0625.


  • Die cast trim ring with reflector cone
  • Provides general illumination
  • 35-Degree tilt
  • Baffle and trim available in a variety of finishes


  • Parent Company: Eaton Corp.
  • Bulb: MR16/Bipin/50W/12V Bulb Info
  • Lamp Source: Halogen
  • Function: Downlight
  • Aperture Shape: Round
  • Aperture Size: 3.750


1 year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

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