Halo 20P 11" Recessed Square Shower Trim, White, Fluorescent w/ Glass Lens

by Halo


The Halo 20P 11" Square Shower Trim w/ albalite lens (frosted) has multiple uses and can be used a shower lighting trim, closet trim, or office. Don't waste money on your energy bill by using a full lighting system for smaller rooms that have less livable traffic; use task lighting instead. Perfect for crawl spaces and closets, this Halo square recessed trim gives you the light you need without the blinding costs of other task lighting fixtures that can diffuse light poorly.

The frosted glass lens on the Halo 20P square trim allows light to be properly diffused throughout a small space, giving your area a small glow that’s perfect for any task. It’s also a great addition to any space’s décor simply because it’s designed to go unnoticed when not in use.

Torsion spring technology for Halo Lighting 20P 11" recessed square trim also makes this fixture one of the most energy efficient models on the market today. By anchoring the Halo 20P to the ceiling, the torsion spring technology helps to prevent unwanted airflow from temperature regulated rooms to outside sources.

For use with 11" Line Voltage Square Incandescent Housings:



  • Albalite Glass Lens (Frosted)
  • Torsion Spring Retention
  • White Finish


  • Outer Diameter: 11 5/8"(295mm)
  • Fits Recessed Housings: H2T, H2IC, H2EF, H2EFICAT


One year through the manufacturer

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