Halo 3003SNB Recessed Lighting Trim, 3" 35 Degree Tilt Adjustable Pinhole Baffle Trim - Satin Nickel

by Halo


Are you looking to add the best possible accent lighting to your home? The Halo 3003SNB 3" Adjustable Pinhole Baffle Trim w/ 35 Degree Tilt is an affordable, high quality way to add accent lighting to frequented rooms of your home, like your kitchen or dining room. It features a reflective baffle trim and is compatible with a variety of different housing models for easy installation and reliable functionality.

The Halo 3003SNB also features a unique swiveling aspect, allowing you to illuminate all angles of your room. With full 360 degree rotational capabilities and an extra 35 degree tilt, this fixture provides for gorgeous angular accent lighting to display your home’s unique features at any time.

The three pressure springs that are built into the Halo 3003SNB also ensure positive retention, no matter what housing unit it’s paired with. Its trim is also outfitted with the ability to switch media for perfect lighting at any time. Combine this fixture with 120V GU10, 12V MR16, 120V GU10 or 12V MR16 lamps for optimal lighting in your home today.

3003 is designed for use with the following Halo H3 small aperture housings:Line Voltage Housing (for 120V GU10 lamps). For 2 x 6 Construction• H36ICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing• H36TAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing• H36RTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel HousingLow Voltage Housing (for 12V MR16 lamps). For 2 x 6 Construction• H36LVICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing• H36LVTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing• H36LVRTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing• H36LVTAT277 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing, 120/277V• H36LVRTAT277 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing, 120/277VLine Voltage Housing (for 120V GU10 lamps). For 2 x 8 Construction• H38ICAT 50W IC Air-Tite HousingLow Voltage Housing (for 12V MR16 lamps). For 2 x 8 Construction• H38LVICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing


  • 35 degree Tilt and 360 degree Rotation to Direct Light where it is Needed
  • Can be Used with 12V or 120V Housings
  • Three Pressure Springs Ensure Positive Retention in Housing
  • Trim Includes Cover Glass Lens which May be Replaced with a Variety of Media


  • Lamp Aperture: 2" [51mm]
  • Reflector Diameter 3" [75mm]
  • Ceiling Opening: 3 3/4" [95mm]
  • Outside Diameter: 4 1/4" [108mm]
  • Trim Finish: Satin Nickel
  • Baffle Finish: Satin Nickel
  • Adjustability: 35 deg Tilt, 360 deg Rotation
  • Fits Housings: H36ICAT, H36TAT, H36RTAT, H36LVICAT, H36LVTAT , H36LVRTAT, H36LVTAT277, H36LVRTAT277, H38ICAT & H38LVICAT
  • Lamp Type: 50W GU10, 50W MR16, and 37W MR16


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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