Halo 3004TBZ 3" Reflector Lighting Trim w/ 35 Degree Tilt in Tuscan Bronze

by Halo


The Halo 3004TBZ 3" reflector light trim is an adjustable 35 degree tilt trim finnished in tuscan bronze. Ideal for accent or task lighting, this recessed trim comes with a soft focus cover glass lens which ensures a smooth light pattern. Designed for use with either IC or Non-IC AIR-TITE low voltage housings.

The Halo 3004TBZ is a cast alumnium recessed trim for use with MR16 or GU10 low voltage lamps. This recessed trim will work great with your new or existing recessed lighting installation. The Halo 3004TBZ fits most standard recessed housings. With a recessed trim you can add a detailed touch of class to your lighting; matching your interior design with strong appeal.

This 3-Inch recessed trim piece with a bronze finish will work For 12V/120V housing. 


  • 35 deg Tilt and 360 deg Rotation to Direct Light where it is Needed
  • Can be Used with 12V or 120V Housings
  • 3 Pressure Springs Ensure Retention in Housing
  • Trim Includes Soft Focus Cover Glass Lens to Smooth Beam Pattern


  • Fits Housings:
  • H36ICAT
  • H36LVRTAT277
  • H36LVTAT
  • H36LVTAT277
  • H36RTAT
  • H36TAT
  • H38ICAT
  • Lamp Aperture: 2"(51mm)
  • Lamp Type: MR16 (12V), GU10 (120V)
  • Outer Diameter: 4 1/4"(108mm)
  • Reflector Diameter: 3"(75mm)
  • Trim Finish: Tuscan Bronze


One (1) year through Halo

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