Halo 3008FG 3" Recessed Shower Reflector Trim, White w/ Frosted Glass Lens

by Halo


The Halo 3008FG 3" reflector shower trim in white with frosted glass lens has been the professional choice for shower lighting simply because it’s the best in the industry when it comes to providing stunning light at lower levels. Plus, with the shower protected trim of this fixture, you won't have to worry about water damage or steam issues.

The Halo 3008FG features a full 360 degree rotation for optimal lighting wherever you might need it. This also allows the fixture to swivel in place, giving you light on demand for any occasion. In addition, the frosted glass of this unit can diffuse light at low levels, giving you a higher lighting radius at a lower wattage.

Three pressure springs ensure that this unit is sealed in place at all times and won’t succumb to wear and tear over time, something that can cause other units to become loose and damaged. Get the Halo 3008FG today if you're looking to add low-level lighting to your shower room.

3008FG is designed for use with Halo H3 small aperture housings. Adding a frosted, dim illumination to your shower or sauna area could be exactly what you’ve been looking for when it comes to livening up your rooms.


  • Includes a Lens with Frosted Glass Edge and Polymer Trim Ring
  • Polymer Trim Ring is Non-Corrosive and Non-Conductive
  • Three Pressure Springs Ensure Positive Retention in Housing
  • Can be Used with 12V or 120V Housings


  • Lamp Aperture: 2" [50mm]
  • Reflector Diameter: 3" [75mm]
  • Ceiling Opening: 3-3/4" [95mm]
  • Outside Diameter: 4-1/4" [108mm]
  • Trim Finish: White
  • Reflector Finish: Clear
  • Adjustability: 15 deg Tilt, 360 deg Rotation
  • Fits Housings: H36ICAT, H36TAT, H36RTAT, H36LVICAT, H36LVTAT, H36LVRTAT, H36LVTAT277, H36LVRTAT277, H38ICAT, H38LVICAT
  • Lamp Type: MR16 (12V), GU10 (120V)


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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