Halo 3011TBZBB Recessed Lighting Trim, 3" Adjustable Baffle Square Trim - Tuscan Bronze with Black Baffle

by Halo


Suited for use in any room of your home, the Halo 3011TBZBB 3" Adjustable Baffle Square Trim makes it easy to add gorgeous accent lighting, giving your room life, warmth and increased livability. This fixture is also ideal for those homes that have shallow, lower ceilings and cannot support other accent lighting fixtures. Because of its ergonomic design, the Halo 3011TBZBB provides an exceptional solution to any accent lighting issue.

Three pressure springs keep this fixture secured in place wherever you choose to install it. Not only does this eliminate wear and tear caused by loose installations, but it can also reduce the amount of money wasted on your electric bill through unregulated air transference. It’s a smart solution to a common problem caused by outdated lighting fixtures.

Best of all, the Halo 3011TBZBB allows users to implement angular accent lighting in any room of their home with its rotational and tilting capabilities. This fixture swivels a full 360 degrees to accommodate a full space, and can also tilt an extra 15 degrees for optimal lighting.

Trim includes cover glass lens which may be replaced with a variety of media. (Lamps that have integral glass lens do not require use of the cover glass supplied with this trim).The 3011 is designed for use with the following Halo H3 (standard round) small aperture housings (Sold Separately):Line Voltage Housing (for 120V GU10 lamps). For nominal 2 x 6 or larger construction:• H36ICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing• H36TAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing• H36RTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel HousingLow Voltage Housing (for 12V MR16 lamps). For 2 x 6 construction:• H36LVICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing• H36LVTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing• H36LVRTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing• H36LVTAT277 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing, 120/277V• H36LVRTAT277 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing, 120/277V

Line Voltage Housing (for 120V GU10 lamps). For nominal 2 x 8 or larger construction:

• H38ICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing

Low Voltage Housing (for 12V MR16 lamps). For nominal 2 x 8 or larger construction:

• H38LVICAT 37W IC Air-Tite Housing


  • Lampholder can be rotated 350° independently of trim
  • Lampholder also offers 15° tilt
  • Three pressure springs ensure positive retention in housing


  • 3" Adjustable Square Baffle Trim - Tuscan Bronze with Black Baffle
  • Lamp Aperture: 2" [51mm]
  • Baffle Width: 2-1/4" [57mm]
  • Ceiling Opening (round): 3-3/4" [95mm]
  • Outside Dimension: 4-1/4" Square [108mm]
  • Fits Housings: H36ICAT, H36TAT, H36RTAT, H36LVICAT, H36LVTAT, H36LVRTAT, H36LVTAT277, H36LVRTAT277, H38ICAT, H38LVICAT
  • Lamping: 120V GU10, 12V MR16


Limited 1 Year Warranty Through The Manufacturer

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