Halo 3013WH Recessed Lighting Trim, 3" Adjustable Gimbal Square Trim - White

by Halo


The Halo 3013WH 3" Adjustable Gimbal Square Trim is one of the most versatile light fixtures on the market today. Install this highly effective unit in any room of your home to achieve optimal lighting and perfect accenting. What’s more, the advanced pressure spring technology included in this unit ensures that your home will experience optimal, positive retention.

Available in white, black, satin nickel, antique copper or Tuscan bronze finishes, the Halo 3013WH is meant to provide you with the perfect amount of lighting, while simultaneously blending in with your room’s current décor. This lamp holder also pairs beauty with functionality by offering owners an impressive 35 degree positive tilt, 15 degree negative tilt and an astounding full 360 degree orientation for the lighting unit.

The low voltage usage of the Halo 3013WH makes it optimal for energy conserving households. This unit also comes backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty and is built to last.

Three pressure springs ensure positive retention in housing, while the lampholder offers 35° positive tilt, 15° negative tilt, and360° orientation within housing.Trim includes cover glass lens which may be replaced with a variety of media. (Lamps that have integral glass lens do not require use of the cover glass supplied with this trim).The 3013 is designed for use with the following Halo H3 (standard round) small aperture housings (Sold Separately):Line Voltage Housing (for 120V GU10 lamps). For nominal 2 x 6 or larger construction:• H36ICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing• H36TAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing• H36RTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel HousingLow Voltage Housing (for 12V MR16 lamps). For 2 x 6 construction:• H36LVICAT 50W IC Air-Tite Housing• H36LVTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing• H36LVRTAT 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing• H36LVTAT277 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Housing, 120/277V• H36LVRTAT277 50W Non-IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing, 120/277VLine Voltage Housing (for 120V GU10 lamps). For 2 x 8 construction.• H38ICAT 50W IC Air-Tite HousingLowVoltage Housing (for 12V MR16 lamps). For 2 x 8 construction.• H38LVICAT 37W IC Air-Tite Housing


  • Trim offers 35° positive tilt, 15° negative tilt, and 360° orientation within housing


  • 3" Adjustable Gimbal Square Trim - White
  • Lamping: 120V GU10, 12V MR16
  • Housing: H36ICAT, H36TAT, H36RTAT, H36LVICAT, H36LVTAT, H36LVRTAT, H36LVTAT277, H36LVRTAT277, H38ICAT, and H38LVICAT
  • Lamp Aperture: 2" [51mm]
  • Baffle Width: 2-1/4" [57mm]
  • Ceiling Opening (round): 3-3/4" [95mm]
  • Outside Dimension: 4-1/4" Square [108mm]


Limited 1 Year Warranty Through The Manufacturer

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