Halo 310W Recessed Lighting Trim, 6" Line Voltage Coilex Baffle Trim - White with White Baffle

by Halo


If your home lacks proper accent lighting, consider the Halo 310W 6" Coilex Line Voltage Baffle Trim as an affordable, effective solution. This fixture can light your home in several different ways and bring out the magnificence of any room due to its technologically advanced design. The white baffle trim of this fixture makes it easy for light to disperse throughout your room, providing the perfect gateway to gorgeous lighting.

Pair this durable, beautiful fixture with a 50W PAR30, 65W BR30, 75W R30, 75W PAR30L or 75W PAR30 bulb to create lighting effects like never before. Lower watt bulbs can give you the perfect glow of light to show off and set the mood of a room, while higher wattages can act as the optimal light source for your everyday activities.

Take advantage of the Halo 310W’s one year manufacturer’s warranty and order your home lighting solution today. Not only will it bring out the hidden beauty of your home, but also act as the best lighting system available for your daily needs.

For use with 6" Line Voltage Recessed Housings: H7ICATH7RICATH7RICTH7ICTH7T


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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