Halo 4002WH Recessed Eyeball Trim, 4", Adjustable, 30 Degree Tilt - White

by Halo


The E26 Series 4 eyeball trim provide precise, variable directional lighting. It is especially useful for directing light to accent wall hangings, mantels and task areas. Directional reflector style lamps are typically used (R, BR, MR, GU10 and PAR). For use with 4 in. new construction and remodel recessed housings.


  • Adjustable eyeball for R16 and PAR16 lamps
  • Formed metal trim ring
  • Friction clip retention
  • 30 degree tilt with self-flange trim ring
  • Compatible with halogen, incandescent, LED or CFL lamps


  • Parent Company: Eaton Corp.
  • Application:Lighting
  • Brand Name:Eaton
  • Type:4" 4000 Trim
  • Mounting:Recessed
  • Size:3.2 IN Length 6.2 IN Width 3.0 IN Height
  • Special Features:Adjustable eyeball for R16 and PAR16 lamps only


1 year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

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