Halo 455SC Recessed Lighting Trim, 6" Line Voltage Slope Ceiling Reflector Trim - White with Clear Specular Reflector

by Halo


Accent lighting has become more popular over recent years as homeowners have found new and exciting ways to display the true beauty and value of their homes. You can bring the power of accent lighting into your home, too, with the Halo 455sc 6" Line Voltage Slope Ceiling Trim w/ Clear Specular Reflector. This high quality device exemplifies what it means to shed vivid light on your home and does so with unmatched splendor.

Best of all, this unit won’t interfere with your home’s established décor. The Halo 455sc blends perfectly to your ceiling, creating a modern, appeasing feel that will have you appreciating your room’s décor day in and day out.

Use it in your kitchen, living room, dining room or wherever else you might need perfect lighting in your home. Use it to amplify your home’s unique features, or simply replace the bothersome feel of full overhead lighting with this handy fixture from Halo.

For use with 6" Line Voltage Sloped Housings: H645IC


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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