Halo 498W Recessed Lighting Trim, 6" Line Voltage Slope Ceiling Baffle Reflector Trim - White

by Halo


Whether it's a decorative touch or a serious lighting boost, the Halo 498W 6" Line Voltage Slope Ceiling Trim and Baffle Reflector is built to serve the lighting needs of your living spaces. It’s powerful enough to be a standalone lighting presence, yet also has the functionality to add soft, subtle accents to rooms like your kitchen or dining area.

Because of its sloped design and reflective baffle, the Halo 498W can create some of the most intense lighting effects of any fixture on the market. It is built to disperse light widely over a room at high levels and diffuse it softly into an accent at lower levels, giving it wide functionality and great value. Also part of its fantastic design, the Halo 498W has the ability to keep the theme of any room’s décor by blending perfectly into ceilings.

This unit from Halo is meant to be paired with 6" line voltage sloped housings, like the H47ICT or the H47ICAT. It also comes with a standard one year warranty from the manufacturer.

For use with 6" Line Voltage Sloped Housings: H47ICTH47ICAT


One year through the manufacturer

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