Halo 5000TBZ 5" Splay Recessed Trim, Tuscan Bronze For H5 Recessed Housing

by Halo


Perfect for lighting modern kitchens and dining rooms, the Halo 5000TBZ 5" Splay Recessed Trim, Tuscan Bronze will make a tremendous difference in the way you look at your rooms. By accenting your home’s unique features with a soft focus light, this unit can display the gorgeous aspects of your architecture that may often otherwise go unnoticed. Plus, the unique design of the Halo splay recessed trim makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room.

The Halo 5000TBZ 5" Splay Recessed Trim features dual positioned sockets that can accommodate both BR and PAR lamps. It also sports an open metal splay trim, giving it powerful reflective properties that can be used to illuminate even the darkest corners of your home with warmth and vibrancy.

Use the Halo 5000TBZ 5" Splay Recessed Trim in conjunction with 5” line voltage recessed housings like the Halo H5RICAT or the H5ICAT. This Halo splay metal recessed trim also comes with a standard one year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind when it comes to issues with wear and tear.

For use with 5" Line Voltage Recessed Housings:• H5RICAT• H5ICAT• H25ICAT• H5T• H5RT


  • Open metal splay trim
  • Dual position socket for BR and PAR lamps


  • Trim Finish: Tuscan Bronze
  • Height: 1 7/8"(48mm)
  • Outer Diameter: 6 3/8"(162mm)
  • Housings: H5ICAT, H5RICAT, H25ICAT, H5T, H5RT
  • Lamp Type: 65W BR30, 75W R30, 75W PAR30, 50W PAR30L, 50W PAR30, 60W BR30, 50W R20, 50W PAR20


One year through the manufacturer

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