Halo 5010 Recessed Lighting Trim, 5" Line Voltage Step Baffle Trim - White with Black Baffle

by Halo


If you’re not accent lighting your home with a baffle trimmed fixture, you could be missing out on all of the gorgeous effects of clean, focused light. The Halo 5010 5" Line Voltage Trim is built to give you the best possible accent lighting no matter what room it's installed in. The baffle trim of this fixture allows light to be narrowly focused on a single point, giving you optimal illumination on even the smallest areas.

The design of the Halo 5010 also traps and shapes light to reduce the amount of ambient light that can stray away from the accented area. Other fixtures can be inefficient, spreading light over a wider area and allowing more beams to escape. The Halo 5010 utilizes and harnesses all of the light produced by its lamp to give you clean, precise accent lighting.

What’s more, torsion spring technology anchors this unit to your ceiling and eliminates any excess airflow that can be costly to your energy bill. Take advantage of this highly efficient fixture from Halo today.

For use with 5" Line Voltage Recessed Housings: H5TH5RT


  • Straight Precision Sided Trim Ring
  • Torsion Springs pull trim tight to ceiling
  • Dual Socket Position for BR and PAR Lamps


  • Fits Housings: H5ICAT, H5RICAT, H5T, & H5RT
  • Lamp Type: 75W R30, 60W BR30, 50W PAR30, 75W PAR30, 50W PAR30L
  • Height: 2-1/16" [52mm]
  • OD: 6-3/8" [161mm]
  • Listing: UL


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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