Halo 5021SC Recessed Lighting Trim, 5" Compact Fluorescent Reflector Trim - White with Clear Specular Reflector

by Halo


The Halo 5" Compact Fluorescent Trim with Clear Specular Reflector - White is suitable for your recessed lighting installation, new or old, and will fit most standard housings. Adding recessed trims to your Recessed Lighting will add the final touch of class you've been wanting. This 5-Inch trim piece, with a Whitefinish, will work For CFL Housing. Please contact us if you have any questions about adding this trim to your existing lighting installation, our staff can assist you to make sure you order the correct trims for your housings. The Halo 5" Compact Flourescent Trim with Clear Specular Reflector (5021SC) is to be used with either a , , H5T, H5RT, H570ICAT, H570RICAT, H571ICAT, H571RICAT, H572ICATH572RICAT, H578ICAT, H578RICAT, H513IC, H570, H571, H572, H570R, H571R or H572R Halo housing.  Torsion springs are used to pull the trim tight to the ceiling.


  • Full Reflector
  • Straight Precision Sided Trim Ring
  • Torsion Springs Pull Trim Tight to Ceiling
  • For use with A-Lamps


  • Finish: White Trim with Clear Specular Reflector
  • Trim Aperture: 5"
  • Height: 5" (127mm)
  • Outer Diameter: 6-1/2" (165mm)
  • Works with Housings: H5ICAT, H5RICAT, H5T, H5RT, H570ICAT, H570RICAT, H571ICAT, H571RICAT, H572ICAT, H572RICAT, H578ICAT, H578RICAT, H513IC, H570, H571, H572, H570R, H571R or H572R
  • Works with Lamps: 40W A19, 60W A19, 13W DTT CFL, 13W TTT CFL, 18W DTT CFL, 18W TTT CFL, 26W DTT CFL, & 26W TTT CFL


1 year warranty is through the manufacturer.

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