Halo 5051PS 5" Recessed Showerlight Trim, White with Frosted Lens

by Halo


The Halo 5051PS 5" recessed showerlight trim w/ frosted lens. Not only can you use the Halo showerlight trim to radiate light perfectly in any setting, it can do so from any location in your home, wet or dry. In fact, this recessed showerlight is often used in shower modifications and remodels simply because it’s manufactured at the highest quality.

In addition to providing great accent lighting, the Halo 5051PS 5" showerlight trim also acts as a decorative piece on its own. The frosted albalite lens gives it a gorgeous sheen while the illumination from enclosed bulbs radiates and diffuses light to give it a warm glow. Best of all, this Halo shower trim is perfectly priced for homeowners looking to outfit a series of interlinked lamps for a complete system.

The Halo 5051PS 5" showerlight trim is meant to be used with 5" line voltage recessed housings like the H5RICAT and the H5ICAT. This unit also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. For use with 5" Recessed downlight Housings.


  • Straight sided trim
  • Frosted albalite lens
  • Wet location listed for use in showers


  • Trim Finish: White
  • Lens: Frosted
  • Height: 5 1/2"(140mm)
  • Outer Diameter: 6 3/8"(162mm)
  • Fits Housings: H5ICAT, H5RICAT, H5T, H5RT, H513IC, H570ICAT, H570RICAT, H571ICAT, H571RICAT, H572ICAT, H572RICAT
  • Lamp Type: 35W PAR30L, 60W A19, 50W PAR30, 13W DTT, 13W TTT, 18W DTT, 18W TTT, 26W DTT, 26W TTT


One year through the manufacturer

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