Halo 5060P Recessed Lighting Trim, 5" Line Voltage 20 Degree Tilt Adjustable Gimbal Ring Trim - White

by Halo


Dramatic lighting isn’t something reserved for expensive homes or classical settings. In fact, many modern family homes are beginning to utilize this efficient, beautiful lighting technique. The Halo 5060P 5" Line Voltage Adjustable Gimbal Trim w/ 20 Degree Tilt is perfect for any home seeking to add illuminative accent lighting and truly open up their rooms.

Kitchens and dining areas will benefit greatly from the beautiful, focused light that the Halo 5060P sheds on a room. Because of the full 360 degree rotation and additional 20 degree tilt, this unit is able to light areas that other fixtures cannot. It also gives owners the unique ability to add angular lighting to their rooms, something that isn’t normally achievable without professional lighting.

The Halo 5060P also sports torsion spring technology, allowing it to be one of the most energy efficient fixtures on the market today. It prevents unregulated airflow between your temperature regulated rooms and outside air—which can be costly to your energy bill—by securing the fixture to your ceiling.

For use with 5" Line Voltage Recessed Housings: H5RICATH5ICAT• H25ICAT• H5T• H5RT


  • Straight precision sided trim for directional accent lighting
  • Torsion springs pull trim tight to ceiling
  • 20 degree tilt
  • 36 degree rotation


  • Trim Finish: White
  • Gimbal: White
  • Height: 3 1/4"(82mm)
  • Outer Diameter: 6 3/8"(162mm)
  • Fits Housings: H5ICAT, H5RICAT, H25ICAT, H5T, and H5RT
  • Lamp Type: 50W PAR30 (H5ICAT, H5RICAT), 50W PAR30/R30 (H25ICAT)


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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