Halo 998P 4" Recessed Eyeball Trim Light, White, 30 Degree Tilt, Adjustable

by Halo


Look no further than the Halo 998P 4" Eyeball Trim Light with 30 Degree Tilt If you've dreamed of giving your house the proper accent lighting, but have never been able to because of ceiling constraints or fixture placements. The adjustable eye of the Halo eyeball trim can direct light wherever you dictate with a full 360 degree rotation and a solid 30 degree tilt factor.

For use with H99T, H99ICAT or H99RT, you can be 100% sure that Halo 998P Eyeball Trim Light is capable of bringing out all the gorgeous details of your home with its exceptional lighting capabilities. Plus, the die cast cut of the Halo 998P will ensure that your new lighting blends perfectly with existing décor themes.  Three cat’s paw springs are used to secure the trim to the housing.

Take advantage of the one year halo warranty of this unit and don’t waste another moment of your time on improperly illuminated living space. Bring out the natural beauty of your home with the Halo 998P 4" Eyeball Trim Light today!


  • Adjustable Eyeball for PAR/R16 lamps
  • Die cast trim ring
  • 30 Degree tilt, 360 Degree rotation


  • Finish: White
  • Eyeball/Aperture Diameter: 2 3/4"
  • Overall Diameter: 5-1/16"
  • Adjustable Eyeball for PAR/R16 lamps
  • Die Cast Aluminum Trim Ring
  • 30 Degree tilt, 360 Degree rotation
  • Works with Housings: H99ICAT, H99RT, H99T, H99TAT, & H99RTAT
  • Works with Light Bulbs: 40W R16, 60W PAR16


One (1) year through the manufacturer

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