Intermatic Timer, 30A 120-277V SPDT 365-Day Astronomic Energy Control w/Type 3R Steel Enclosure

by Intermatic

The Intermatic ET90215CRE is a 365-day astronomic energy control with Type 3R steel enclosure. This model features 2 circuits. In order to provide flexibility for applications, this astronomic energy control is designed to enable independent programming for every day of the year. For reduced energy costs and accurate load control, this model provides to-the-minute programming and uncomplicated performance.

Each circuit can be manually controlled independently by control buttons, regardless of the operating mode. There is no need for a battery because the time switch has a 100-hour supercapacitor which provides automatic carryover and time keeping. External devices are intended to allow a manual ON, timed OFF capability and can be used as input signals. For easy copying and backups, a USB port simplifies programming.

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