Intermatic Pump/Valve Actuator Mechanism

by Intermatic

This electronic control mechansim, especially designed for pool/spa combinations, will snap into most Intermatic panels and enclosures in use today. Designed as a very versatile, user friendly device, it can be combined with a number of different Intermatic controls in order to facilitate a variety of custom applications. This mechanism can handle two motor loads, up to 3 HP, switch up to 3 valve actuators, the heater thermostats and also allow the user to select pool and spa heater operation.The control operations are numerous. For example, the Pool-to-Spa operation can be activated three different ways. By a remote installed count down timer, a radio receiver or a simple toggle switch. in the pool mode, any new or existing timer or manual switch may be used to control the filter pump operation. in the Spa mode, the filter pump and an additional piece of equipment can be controlled by a wired remote on the spa side (9133PE1484A), by wireless remote, or by the buttons provided on the face of the mechanism.If combined with the P1353ME Digital Pool/Spa mechanism, the two units can handle all the equipment variations of a pool/spa combination, including two-speed filter pump, cleaner pump, up to three 24V valve actuators, two stage protected heater, jet pump, blower, and lights.

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