Intermatic Timer, 120V SPST 24-Hour Mechanical Timer w/ Industrial Plastic NEMA 3R Case - Gray

by Intermatic

About the Intermatic T101P3 120V 24-Hr SPST Mechanical Timer with Industrial Plastic NEMA 3R Case - Gray

Intermatic is the premier timer manufacturer for all your appliances and accessories and the T101P3 exudes the superior quality that is backed by their name. The  Intermatic T101P3 can provide 12 on-off functions (per day) for any 120 volt unit you may need a timer for. The T101P3 can be used for fuel pumps, outdoor lighting, heaters, and irrigation. The Intermatic T101P3 features a 24-hour dial that allows up to 12 on-off functions per day, with one set of "ON" and "OFF" trippers supplied with each switch. Each On-Off function requires a minimum of 1-hour. The entire unit is enclosed in a NEMA rated 3R plastic enclosure that protects the timer from weather conditions when placed remotely.

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