Intermatic Timer, 277V DPST 24-Hour Mechanical Pool Time Switch in Plastic Case w/ Heater Cutoff Switch

by Intermatic

About the Intermatic T104P201 277V DPST 24-Hr Mechanical Pool Time Switch in Plastic Case with Heater Cutoff Switch

The Intermatic T104P201 provides great control for your gas-fired pool heaters. The T104P201 is a two-circuit switch that is designed to turn off your pool heater 20 minutes before the fuel pump shuts down. The T104P201 eliminates the problem of knocking in your heaters when the pool water is overheated. Overheated pool water can create scale and lime deposits; with the use of a timer, this prevents the occurence of these problems and also extends the life of your heater. The T104P201 features a 24-hour analog dial that allows up to 12 ON/OFF daily operations that require a minimum of 1-hour per each operation. For safe and tamper-proof operation, this unit is enclosed in a plastic case and features a heater cutoff switch. Included with one set of On/Off Trippers, the Intermatic T104P201 is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. 

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