Kidde 442020 Radon Detector Kit

by Kidde


About The Kidde 442020 Radon Detector Kit

The Kidde 442020 Radon Detector Kit is EPA registered and makes testing for radon easy.  Included in the Kidde 442020 Radon Detector Kit are instructions, an information card, a return mailer envelope, and an activated charcoal radon sampler bag.  To test for radon place the radon sampler bag in an ideal location for three days, and then just mail the bag in the enclosed envelope to Alpha Energy Laboratories for testing.  Then the lab will mail the results back to you with the information about their findings.  The price of the Kidde 442020 Radon Detector Kit includes the lab testing and report.  The cost of mailing the bag is not included but only requires two postage stamps.

Radon gas is an invisible, odorless, widespread radioactive gas that is a natural by-product of uranium decaying in the ground.  The EPA has said that radon gas is the second leading contributor to lung cancer.  Radon gas exists naturally outdoors in low concentrations that are not a health concern generally.  In areas such as basements that are not ventilated well radon gas can accumulate and be a cause for concern.


5 year warranty through the manufacturer

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