Kidde C3010 Carbon Monoxide Detector, 10-Year Worry-Free DC Sealed Lithium Battery Powered (21010073)

by Kidde


The Kidde C3010 is for a 10-year worry-free carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. It uses a lithium battery for power, which is sealed-in to prevent tampering. This battery has a 10-year lifespan, ensuring worry-free use until then. When at the end of its life, the battery makes a special chirping noise, notifying the homeowner that this unit needs to be replaced.

As this standalone Kidde alarm operates completely on the sealed-in battery, this model is incredibly simple to install. Affix the mounting bracket where desired and then attach the unit. Once connected to the mounting bracket, the alarm will activate the battery within. Plus, as there is no need for battery replacement, this model is practically maintenance-free for its 10 year lifespan. Once installed, this unit flashes a green LED light every 30 seconds to show that it is working properly.

This Kidde carbon monoxide alarm use electro-chemical sensing technology to detect harmful CO build-up. This alarm also has an event memory feature, which indicates with a flashing red LED light (with no beeps) when a high level of carbon monoxide was detected within the past 2 weeks. This allows homeowners to be aware of high CO levels even if they happen to not be present when high levels are detected. One additional perk of a battery-powered unit is that it operates even during power outages.


  • Sealed-in Lithium Battery- Sealed-in lithium power supply; no battery replacement required over the 10 year life of the alarm. Eliminates worry about battery removal
  • or unauthorized deactivation of alarm.
  • Self Activation- Alarm automatically activates when attached to the mounting bracket.
  • Test/Reset Button- Tests the unit for proper operation. Resets the Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Green LED- Flashes every 30 seconds to indicate the unit is operating properly.
  • Red LED- When a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected the red LED will pulse and a loud alarm pattern will sound. The carbon monoxide alarm pattern is 4 short beeps, followed by 5 seconds of silence, followed by 4 short beeps with a corresponding red LED flash. This cycle will continue for 4 minutes and then change to 2 patterns once a minute there after.
  • Amber LED- Flashes every second to indicate the unit is in fault mode. One quick beep every 30 seconds alerts the unit is in error condition. One quick beep every 60 seconds is an indication of low battery power.
  • Event Memory- Red LED flashes every 60 seconds to alert that a high level of carbon monoxide has been detected within the last 14 days.


  • Power Source: Sealed Lithium Battery
  • Sensor: Electrochemical
  • Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10ft
  • Temperature Range: 40°F (4.4°C) to 100°F (37.8°C)
  • Humidity Range: 10%-95% relative humidity (RH)
  • Size: 4.5"L x 2.75"H x 1.5" D
  • Wiring: No
  • Interconnects: No

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