Kidde KN-COEG-3 Carbon Monoxide Detector, 120V AC/DC Plug-In Multi-Hazard w/Gas Detector (900-0113)

by Kidde


About the Kidde KN-COEG-3 Plug-In Gas Combination and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Kidde KN-COEG-3 plug-in carbon monoxide and gas combination alarm features two life-saving devices in one. This device protects your family by constantly monitoring the level of carbon monoxide in your home, as well as searching for traces of combustible gasses, like propane or methane. Plus, the equipped 85-decibel pulsing alarm will alert you of any hazardous situation in the event that gas is detected.

The constant digital display of the Kidde KN-COEG-3 gives you instant readings of carbon monoxide levels. Should an alarm be triggered, the device will indicate which sensor detected harmful levels. The Kidde KN-COEG-3 will beep four times in quick succession for carbon monoxide and sustain a one-second alarm in short bursts when detecting other gasses.

Because of its simple plug-in design, the Kidde KN-COEG-3 is easy to install in any home. A 9V battery backup also ensures that your device will still function properly in any power outage situation and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Sounder Alarm: The KN-COEG-3 offers a loud 85-decibel pulsing alarm that will sound to alert you to a potential problem
  • Alarm Condition: Carbon Monoxide 4 quick beeps, followed by 5 seconds of silence, followed by 4 quick beeps. Repeat with a number showing in the display (CO concentration in ppm)
  • Gas: one second of alarm on, one second of alarm off, repeating with GAS" shown in display


  • Part Number: 900-0113
  • Power Source: 120VAC
  • Sensor: Electrochemical
  • Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10ft
  • Temperature Range: 40°F (4.4°C) to 100°F (37.8°C)
  • Humidity Range: 5%-95% relative humidity (RH)
  • Dimensions: 6.1"L x 3.8"W x 1.8"H
  • Interconnects: No
  • Wiring: Plug-In
  • LED: Displays CO concentration in PPM
  • Certifications: UL Listed


5 year warranty through the manufacturer

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