Kidde SM120X Smoke Detector 120V Hardwired Relay Module for I-Combo

by Kidde


About the Kidde SM120X Smoke Alarm Relay Module

The Kidde SM120X hardwired smoke alarm relay module offers users the ability to connect external alarms, sirens or lighting to a circuit of Kidde devices. By including your external devices in your Kidde circuit, you can easily maintain and link your various alarms, making them easy to manage. The Kidde SM120X relay will be activated when it receives a signal from an interconnected smoke alarm, warning you in the event of a fire.

The Kidde SM120X is for use with Kidde Fyrnetics devices only and can be used to connect and control these auxiliary warning alarms. The relay comes equipped with an internal power supply for pull station comparability and is resistant to tampering. The standard electrical rating of this device is 120V. A five-year manufacturer's warranty also comes standard with the Kidde SM120X to ensure that your device works properly for you and your home for years to come.


  • Switches connected device power when a Smoke/Heat interconnect signal is received
  • Internal power supply for pull station comparability
  • Controls and connects auxiliary warning devices
  • For use with multiple station alarms and detectors
  • Use with Kidde Fyrnetics devices only


  • -Part Number: 900-0123
  • Electrical Rating: 120V AC 60 HZ 0.08 AMP
  • Contact Rating: 10 AMPS @ 120 VAC (Non-Inductive); 5 AMPS @ 30 VDC
  • DC Output: 5 MA Max. (Current Limited)


5 year limited warranty

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