Leviton 1223-PLR 3-Way Pilot Light Toggle Switch, 20A, 120V, Red, LIT WHEN ON

by Leviton


The Leviton 1223-PLR is a 3-way AC quiet switch from Leviton's product line of Industrial Grade switches for extra heavy-duty applications. This particular model comes in red. This 3-way AC quiet switch is designed to withstand demanding environments. Thanks to hardened triple-drive screws and large head, it is very easy to install. The model features impact-resistant thermoplastic nylon body material. Leviton offers switches in a wide variety of wiring options, colors and other features. Among them are 15 and 20 Amp commercial switches. This 3-way AC quiet switch is available in not only standard, but also illuminated versions. This is a self-grounded type unit. The Leviton brand offers you the highest in production standards according to National Electrical Manufacturers Association.


  • Leviton uses the finest materials available and the highest production standards to produce industrial switches of unmatched versatility and reliability
  • Available in a wide variety of configurations


  • Amperage:  20 Amp
  • Voltage:  120 Volt
  • Grounding:  Self-Grounding
  • Dielectric Voltage:  Withstands 1500V for 1 minute
  • Overload UL20 Test:  100 cycles of OL at 4.8 times rated current
  • Temperature Rise:  Maximum 30 degrees C rise
  • Endurance:  50,000 cycles minimum
  • Color:  Red

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