Leviton 80311-SE Electrical Wall Plate, Decora Screwless, 3-Gang - Black

by Leviton


This sleek Decora wallplate has a new elegant design that looks great thanks to the way its is attached to the wall. A standard wallplate connects directly to the walls leaving its screws visible creating an eyesore that grabs attention, the new screwless look of these wallplates removes the eyesore. This screwless style can be used with any decora style switch and can be installed in seconds. All you do is attach the included backplate to the wall and press the screwless wallplate onto it keeping it locked in place. You would be surprised what a big difference the look of two screws can make, by simply changing to screwless wallplate you can help give your home a sleek upscale look. You can also quickly and easily change the color of your wallplate allowing you to switch colors as often as you'd like giving your home a fresh feel. Tough polycarbonate construction makes this a product that is built to last, and the smooth finish is simple to clean saving you time and effort.


  • New Sleek Screwless Design
  • Can be Installed in Seconds with No Tools
  • Works with Any Decora Device Allowing You to Retrofit Any Home
  • Smooth Finish and High-Quality Polycarbonate with Look Great for Years
  • Removes the Eyesore of Visible Screws
  • Adds an Upscale Look
  • 10 Year Leviton Warranty


  • Color: Black
  • Type: Screwless, Standard Size
  • Gang: 3
  • Device Graphic: Decora Plus
  • Material: Poly Carbonate
  • Mount: Snap-On
  • Feature: Screwless Subplate
  • Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA


10 year through the manufacturer

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